At Combine World we understand that during harvest, nothing is more important than receiving your parts on time.

To help with this, we work with a wide range of freight forwarders to help get your purchase to you in a timely, affordable manner. We offer a wide selection of freight options with guaranteed safe arrival options on fragile products like glass, sieves, and poly panels. At Combine World we guarantee that we will ship a product when we say we will.


US Customers U.S. Customers  - Yes, Combine World ships to the United States, and regularly! We appreciate all our US customers; thank you for trusting Combine World. Our Brandon location's proximity to the North Dakota border, in particular, makes us a good option for many farmers in that region, and we've had customers in Montana and elsewhere that have dealt with our Saskatoon/Elstow location for many years. We're proud to serve many farmers from across the U.S.A., thanks to our wide selection, competitive prices, and superior service.


Have you completed U.S. Customs & Border Protection Form 5106? 


CBP now requires you to complete Form 5106, the Create/Update Importer Identity form, in order to receive items from us or other Canadian or international sellers. This is a one-time form, so if you've completed it for any other imports, you do not need to complete it again.

If you have not yet completed and submitted the form, please ask your sales person for a copy. It's fairly short and straight-forward and is typically approved very quickly.

Need U.S. financing on equipment?  Apply for financing through our partner, Finance Scope, or call us for details.


 International Customers International Customers - Combine World is proud to have shipped parts and equipment to many different countries around the world. We also speak English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, & Tagalog! See more information on our Export page.


Your customs situation will vary depending on your country. Please ask your sales person for details. We will handle all necessary arrangements & logistics through our brokers. Call or contact us for details.