Our Team

Saskatchewan Location

Charlie and Marj Smith

Charlie and Marj founded Combine World in 1986. Over the last 32 years they have seen their business grow and adapt based on the needs of their customers. Farming has always been an important part of their lives, and their understanding of the ag business leads Combine World to offer its customers the best service possible. Charlie and Marj have chosen their staff based on their exceptional qualities and their dedication to the industry.

Jodie Smith

Jodie has been raised in the farming and ag business sectors and her knowledge and experience show this. She joined Combine World in 2007 in the parts and equipment sales deparment. She finished her B.Sc Agribusiness from U of S, and her knowledge, attitude and drive make her a perfect fit at Combine World.

Eric Smith

Eric joined Combine World in August 2009. He completed his Journeyman certification in welding in 2014. He does anything that needs to be done and has the ability to do almost anything. His attitude, knowledge and workmanship are very valuable to the organization.

Cole Fraser

Cole joined Combine World as a summer student in 2014, and returned the next summer after graduating with a B.Comm. Cole knows the ins and outs of marketing, and has quickly become very knowledgable in the parts department. We look forward to seeing him continue to grow within the organization!

Sheri Dale

Sheri joined Combine World in May, 2012, when she did many things including equipment operation, welding and more. Since then she has become a top-notch parts person. Her constant positive attitude and knack for solving problems make her a excellent member of the team.

Diego Villa

Diego began at Combine World in May of 2012. From Colombia, he speaks Spanish but has picked up English very quickly. Diego is a valuable yard technician and shop coordinator. He is hard working, happy to learn, and fun to be around making him a wonderful addition to Combine World. 

Janna Hipp

Janna joined us at Combine World at the end of 2012. She does anything that needs to be done, including polishing equipment, other work on equipment, and shipping/receiving. We are happy to have her!

Georg "G2" Hipp

G2 began at Combine World in Dec, 2010. He is a great yard technician and specializes in tire services. G2 is dependable, hard-working and willing to help which make him a very valuable part of the team. 

Ernesto "Ernie" Colopano

Ernesto joined the Combine World team in July of 2009. He is an excellent mechanic, hard working, and eager to tackle any task which makes him a perfect match for Combine World.

Dustin Hallborg

Dustin joined Combine World in 2015 straight out of the accounting program at Saskatoon Business College, and has quickly learned all of the processes and has improved many of them. His problem solving skills are an invaluable asset to Combine World. 


Wilf Kary

Wilf has been with Combine World for years. He is our summer maintenance, organization and do anything man. His can-do attitude and experience makes it possible for him to tackle any task.

Shane Richards

Shane joined our shops during the winter of 2015. He has a very deep background working in shops and welding, and is able to build almost anything for us. We are glad to welcome him aboard.

Rocky Villeneuve

Rocky joined us in the spring of 2016 originally as a loader. He quickly proved how versatile he is and has since been removing parts in the yard. He has a great attitude and we are glad to welcome him.

Morgan Doucette

We are happy to welcome Morgan back! She rejoins Combine World after a stint with us in the summer of 2015 as our summer student marketer. Her cheery demeanor and willingness to take on any project are greatly appreciated.

Mathieu Denis

Mathieu joined Combine World at the start of 2016. He comes to us with experience in sales, and knowledge of the agriculture industry. His very thoughtful and measured approach is always very appreciated! He also speaks French! Mathieu a commencé à travailler pour Combine World au début de 2016. Il possède l'expérience dans les ventes et connaissances du secteur agricole. Son approche est très réfléchie et mesurée est toujours très appréciée! Il parle aussi français!


Kennedy Elliot

Kennedy started at Combine World in the summer of 2017. He comes to us with a background in farming and the ability to fix almost anything which makes him a fantastic addition to the welding team!

Brent McFarlane

Brent joined us in the winter of 2017 as our Advertising/Sales support guru. His creativity, attention to detail and easy going personality make him a wonderful member of our team.

Jay Stephan

Jay started with us in June of 2018 as a seasonal loader and had such a good work ethic we decided to keep him forever! Jay can be found running equipment in the yard, loading / unloading parts and whole goods and helping out wherever he is needed. He is also brushing up on his parts sales abilities and may be coming soon to a parts counter near you! We are lucky to have you, Jay!

Kendyl "Lula" Morisey

Kendyl joined us in the winter of 2018 as our painter / detailer extraordinaire, and has since moved to our parts sales desk. She is extremely talented in her field and is transitioning into our culture of continuous improvement quite effortlessly. She is quick to make improvements to her work space, contribute ideas and lend a helping hand when needed. Welcome to the team, Kendyl! We are so pumped to have you!

Mark McDougall

Mark joined the Combine World team in March of 2019. He grew up in Ontario where he attended school for Ag Mechanic. Once graduated, he and his wife decided to throw a dart at a map and, lucky for us, it hit St. Denis, Saskatchewan! When Mark isn't fixing equipment at Combine World, he is home at the farm with his wife raising their twin daughters. Welcome aboard, Mark. We are excited you chose Saskatchewan as your home.


Barry Sperling

Barry joined us in summer 2019. Barry hails from the Young/Allan area where he was born & raised on a farm. He's been farming all his life, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our parts-pulling team. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering and riding his Harley.  Great to have you aboard, Barry!

Steve Holtorf

Steve Holtorf

Steve has been with us full-time since September 2019, doing welding & fabrication, particularly in our Manufacturing division. He grew up in Allan, where he and his wife own Pins n' Pints, the local bowling alley. He enjoys fishing & golfing in his off-time, and everyone here appreciates his friendly demeanor and dry sense of humour. Great to have you, Steve!

Amanda Raymond, Parts Sales

Amanda Raymond

Amanda joined us on the parts counter in December 2019. We all appreciate her positive attitude, work ethic, level-headedness, and drive to learn new things, making her a great addition to our team!


Amy Dukart, Parts Sales, Shipping & Receiving, Triage

Amy Dukart

Amy started at Combine World in March 2020. She works in shipping & receiving and triage, and most recently joined our parts sales counter. Amy has her accounting tech degree and loves to be outdoors—hunting, fishing and camping.  We appreciate her friendly, easy-going outlook, her initiative, and her eagerness to learn new things. Great to have you, Amy!

Emanuel Schulz, Loader & Tires (Yard)

Emanuel Schulz

Eman's been with us since June 2020 as a loader and tire & yard tech. He worked at our supplier Redekop before us, and does music in his spare time. He's willing to learn, versatile, and fast—perfect for our yard team. Great to have you, Eman!

Shawn Kowal, Ag Heavy Duty Mechanic

Shawn Kowal

Shawn started at Combine World in August 2020. He fixes what's broke (he's a journeyman ag heavy duty mechanic). Before joining us, Shawn spent 6 years with John Deere, 2 years with the City of Regina, and a number of years in the oilfield honing his mechanical expertise. He says his key to life is his positive attitude. Shawn is a very capable mechanic and very nice to work with. He's a welcome addition to our team. 


Felipe Valencia, Painter & Shipping

Andres Felipe Valencia

Felipe joined us in August 2020. You might see him in our warehouse helping with shipping and receiving. When he's not out there he's running our paint shop. Felipe has worked as a heavy equipment driver and painter, likes cars, and is an avid soccer fan (and player). He's very versatile and adaptable, not to mention cheery. Glad you joined us, Felipe!

Mason Peevers, Parts Puller

Mason Peevers

Mason has worked at Combine World as a parts puller since August 2020. He took the Agricultural Equipment Technician program at Sask Polytech, and is working towards his mechanic apprenticeship. We appreciate what a responsible and respectful person he is. Welcome to the yard team, Mason!




Brandon Location

Steve Sadick, Brandon Location

Steve Sadick

Steve is a family man with two beautiful girls in his life: Becky, his wife, and Kayleigh, his daughter. Steve has a great sense of humor and takes pride in his work and gives 100% all the time. He's always willing to help everybody and will do whatever it takes to achieve customer satisfaction. Steve loves to golf, fish and do woodworking. When you look for Steve, he's easy to find with that bright smile and standing well over 6 ft tall.