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  1. 2012 Schulte SDX117 112" 3PH Snow Blower
    Schulte SDX117 112" 3PH snow blower for sale. 117" wide, 1000 RPM PTO, hyd chute rotation & deflection. Overall 75%, nice cond.
  2. The Tire Grabber Large Tire Handler
    The TireGrabber heavy equipment tire handler. Change tires safely & easily. Attaches to any existing hydraulic system.
    As low as CA$10,500.00
  3. 2012 Degelman 1820 Sidearm
    Degelman 1820 Sidearm for sale. Small 1000 PTO, 3 hyds, hyd swing 50° in either direction. Decent, usable condition.
  4. Wiesner Grain Bag Roller
    Wiesner grain bag roller for sale. Clean up your used grain bags quick and easy.
  5. 1995 Wilten Sprayer Transport

    Wilten sprayer transport for sale. Please contact us for more details.

  6. Grain Goat 2.0 Handheld Combine & Moisture Tester
    The smallest, most efficient grain combine on the market. A handheld harvester that collects, cleans & calculates moisture in minutes.
  7. MD PW7 PU Frames

    MacDon PW7 pickup header frames for sale. Unused, 14' frame, no auger, perfect for rebuilding/projects 

  8. Heavy Duty Shop Grinder
    Heavy-duty shop grinder. 220V input, two-disc design. Used in our welding shop.
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