Combine World bought a jumbotron!

It’s the largest rural sign in the province measuring 30’ x 13’!

If your looking for our Brandon location, this trailer should help guide you!

Right along highway #1! You can't miss it!

One mode of transportation around the yard,

but only a few select people are allowed to ride it!

If you call to get parts checked this is what is happening behind the scenes

and one of the reasons we are able to get back to you in 30 minutes!

An aerial view of our yard in our Saskatchewan location!

Look at how many combines and we even have a lot more not shown in this picture!

Combine World in Saskatchewan employs about 25 people all year round!

We like to think we are a pretty top notch team!

Each full-time employee receives 40 hours of individual training per year!

If you worried about getting your parts loaded, do not fear we have two of these

machines available in busy season to help load / unload