At Combine World, we’re often asked “Where do you get your new parts from?”

Whether you're looking for new parts or new tires for your combine, header, pickup, sprayer, tractor, air drill, or air cart, this is a great question. The answer is, “lots of places!”

Some of Combine World's parts on our show floor in our main office

We buy our parts from a huge list of suppliers located all throughout the world. Many of the parts we buy are from OEM suppliers, notably Hart Carter (HCC) [Website | Our Parts] (we are their Canadian distributor), and Universal (UII) [Website | Our Parts]. Both have manufactured pickup reels for OEM suppliers including John Deere, Case, New Holland, Agco and Honey Bee.

We are also an OEM parts dealer for Honey Bee [Website | Our Parts], with many parts in stock year-round. In addition to original manufacturer parts, we also have access to a huge variety of quality aftermarket suppliers for almost any part you could think of. Agricultural tires, wobble boxes, augers, seeding openers, gear boxes, knife sections and guards, sieves, concaves, sprayer nozzles, and air tank metering components—basically, you name it, and we can probably get it!

Header parts at Combine World's Saskatoon, SK location.Some new pickup reel parts from Combine World's show floor at our Saskatoon, SK location.

Farmers are often curious about the aftermarket companies that we choose to work with, and this is a very important point. There are almost an overwhelming number of options out there, and we’re faced with countless companies in countries around the globe. How do we know who is the best match?

The short answer is that there are no shortcuts.

We base our new parts offerings on quality testing and years of experience. We do our best to find the balance between good price and good quality, and being that parts manufacturing is such a global business with so many options, low price doesn’t have to equal low quality. We also understand that there is an element of truth in “you get what you pay for,” and we try to err on the side of finding quality products rather than always being the lowest price in town. We have built relationships with suppliers that we trust and continue to work with.

A display of Romafa's stainless steel air cart and air drill parts at Combine World Saskatchewan in Elstow/Saskatoon.

We are proud to partner with some of the best (and many Canadian!) companies in the industry like Atom-Jet [Our Parts], Harvest Services [Our Parts], Romafa [Our Parts], Sunnybrook [Our Parts], Redekop, A&I, and Westward, to name a few. We have sold these products for years and have extensive knowledge and experience with how they perform. We fully stand behind all our suppliers and guarantee your satisfaction on all new parts we offer.