Atom-Jet Hydraulic Kit for Versatile 900/935/950 (Closed-Centre)

As low as CA$14,500.00
Atom-Jet Hyd Kit for Versatile 900/935/950 (CC)

Hydraulic upgrade kit.

  • For Versatile tractors with 903 V8 Cummins engines 
    • Versatile 900, 935 & 950 tractors
  • Adds 35 gpm @ 3,000 PSI with 1800 engine RPM
  • Comes with everything you need to install it
  • In-cab electric flow control
  • Includes 30-gallon add-on reservoir
  • Made by trusted ag manufacturer Atom-Jet Industries in Brandon, MB
  • Closed-centre system
  • Belt-driven
  • ¾" couplers are standard
  • Add heat exchanger: option available, call for details
  • Recommended uses:
    • Air carts having single fan or carts with a larger hydraulic motor with or without (VRT)
    • Air carts with independent dual fans
    • Double air carts with single fans without (VRT)
    • Drills with active hydraulic shanks
    • Sprayer systems with active boom height
    • Grain carts
    • Precision planter applications
    • Other custom applications:
      • These systems can be applied to any tractor listed to run almost any application imaginable
      • If you do not see your application listed, please contact Atom-Jet Ag customer service for assistance with custom pricing
  • Load-sensing technology:
    • Allows the piston pump to respond to changes in the required hydraulic flow during operation
      • This means a single pump capable of higher flow rate can also run applications that only require minimal flow without causing overheating of the hydraulic system
      • Now an early model tractor can properly run a drill equipped with Active Hydraulic Down Pressure
    • We also provide flow compensation technology to our systems which allows for very precise control of each individual function regardless of different operating pressures in each circuit
      • This means no fluctuation in fan speed when raising and lowering the implement
  • Sold with warranty 

Hey, Tractor-Owner,

If you’ve made it this far, odds are you have a solid workhorse of a tractor you want to keep, but sometimes you wish it had a bit more hydraulic power. Well, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for the latest model—if you don’t want to.


Now you know you don’t have to put up with poor performance or try to trade in your old, dependable machine.

And your new system is backed up by Atom-Jet’s warranty and their commitment to the highest quality service. Ask a neighbour who’s dealt with them, bought their openers or other seeding & tillage products. Plus, you’ve still got Combine World’s 47 Day Cash-Back Guarantee.


Single Fan Motor Application (with or without VRT)

  • +35 GPM
  • 30-gallon add-on reservoir

Single Fan Motor Application w/ Active Hydraulic Pressure Drill

  • +35 GPM
  • 30-gallon add-on reservoir
 Atom-Jet Hydraulic Kit for Versatile 900/935/950 (Closed-Centre)  Atom-Jet Hydraulic Kit for Versatile 900/935/950 (Closed-Centre)  Atom-Jet Hydraulic Kit for Versatile 900/935/950 (Closed-Centre)  Atom-Jet Hydraulic Kit for Versatile 900/935/950 (Closed-Centre)